Value based Asset Development : One of the Alternative of Sustainable Development

What is the value added of ACT Alliance to be contributed in Rio+20?  This is not easy to be answered since  the major  conceptual position of  the alliance   as  CSO  are mostly relatively similar to  other CSOs.

If we realize  huge ACT potentials  as  the alliance of 125 churches and related organisations that work together in humanitarian assistance, advocacy and development; works in 140 countries; mobilises US$1.6 billion annually in its work for a just world and over 33,000 people working for it globally; surely we have a uniqueness and value added  that can be contributed for global policy as well  the actions in the ground.

Not only the coverage, diversity  and  its holistic  and community based actions, and its potential influence  of member to major member of states of UN, the alliance also equipped with support system on  conceptual development and implementation trough  many  working group,  community in practices groups and advisory groups for development and advocacy work, beside mobilizing humanitarian resources trough  appeal mechanism.  The member of ACT  both in north and south  has already established long before the  existence of current global CSO movement, so we are pioneer in civil society movement.

The  idealism  for just, peace and sustainable development may similar with other CSOs, but its energy behind  organizational sustainability  across the time and regions would be the uniqueness of the alliance.  The source energy behind ACT Alliance  is faith. Faith of  as the hand of Church  and Faith as humankind  regardless their religious and belief background. Faith and Value is are our  biggest  assets, that may can be contributed to solve the problem of the world.

When the world  do not want to shift  its  growth and greed paradigm  and just looking for a compromise solution   to green growth , it seem that we found a dead-end  solution.  All problems and challenfe    listed  by recent UN report especially  Report on the World Social Situation 2011 and The Global Social Crisis  report ( every person say that business as usual  is not enough, we should think out of the box, alternative and innovative ideas, and also act revolutionary  from our self, local to global.


The challenge is always there, since the growth and greed  paradigm has become the giant octopus monster  that control every single aspect of life, at all levels.  So every person so pessimistic  with  the manageability of any alternatives  paradigm and model of development.  What CSO speak out on another world is possible  is just an illusion or dream.  In this no alternative  way what they can do is to fulfill the gap and try to solve the deficits.  It is a rational  solution, but not solving the  problem; the new problems  created  by the system will faster  and bigger than problems solved by the system.   Therefor there is also no other way, that we should escape from the current system. How to, and where will we go, this is again need a process of discovering.

In the process  of the discovering  manageable alternative development, the first thing first we should  transform our belief system in our mind,  for faith based organization  we can translate it into  faith   as our fundamental for future change ( Hebrew 11: 1), From faith we discover  value  and principles, then move forward to practice.  If so hard to influence other people idea, we can start  this exercise from our self then our organization  and other upper levels.  It need a hard  self-disciplines  to consistent between what we say and what we do.  We  say about enough and just consumption, we can start to our self and our organization. We say accountability, we make our self and organization accountable.  Corruptions is the main killers in developing countries, this consequence of greed and growth paradigm, we can start from our own.   This look very classic solution, but this is one of the alternative  solution. I’m not talking about one person, I’m talking about 33 000 employee  and  125 member of ACT alliance that  work in 145 countries – a huge potential  to   changing  another world.

If I learn from Rio +20 agenda, most talking about  numbers and tangible measurement of human degradation  as well human improvement. The intangible assets is neglected in major discussion.  This is the main weaknesses of this conference, on how to solve  problem number with number although the solution actually not a matter of number.  The value based solution that I mentioned above, is the management of intangible assets. In asset based management,  our basis is potential  not  the problems, the end of goal is not unlimited growth  but resilience.

This Sunday  I blessed  by  Rev. Andre Mello in Igreja Presbiteriana  De  Copacabana, I really enjoy the service, although not any Porto word I understand.  The theme sermon looks about  the power of  holy ghost  in their  dominggo de pantecostes, that is very relevant to current situation. In this dead-end situation, we need the help of holy ghost.  Since I’m the first Indonesian in this church, they welcome me so  warm.  In the afternoon, I visit  Cathedral  de sao Sebastiao,  From distance I’m  impress by the con/pyramidal Maya Inca type architecture, Inside  we will enjoy so beautiful glass inload interior.  Amid the beauty of the church my main  attention is  a sentence  “ UT OMNES UNUM SINT”  in the altar  background.   This the vision of Student Christian Movement; every time when I was  the Chairperson of SCM in Yogyakarta -Indonesia  I  sung the Hymn  of  SCM  that Ut Omnes Unum Sint  is our ecumenical vision and destination.  Now I’m transformed again by the verse. My Ut Omnes Unum Sint vision, unity all the churches, interfaith  and CSO  for future sustainable Development ( Sigit Wijayanta, June 11, 2012)

Photo: Ut Omnes Unum Sint at the altar of  Cathedral  de sao Sebastiao, By Setya Dharmaja