Poverty in coastal area in Indonesia: A Photo Story

Poverty in coastal area: Indonesia is the the fourth longest coastal line in the world.

Morethan a half of Indonesian population lives in coastal areas. Most of them work as traditional fisherman or poor peasant. Poverty compounded by climate change have heightened susceptibility to at least 32 percent of coastal communities living below the Indonesian poverty line or USD0.5 perday.

Backyard: this is the place that they called home.

Catching fish is no longer an easy job to do. The fishermen claimed to have sailed the Thousand Islands more than a day to get the fish in weather conditions that are often unpredictable. The Government was trying to help with developing marine aquaculture. However, these efforts are not sufficient to meet the necessities of life that continues to accumulate.

Weighing the fish fishermen in traditional fishing pier Kelapa Island.

As with any difficulties that must be faced, life must go on.

For the fisherman, today’s life is an effort to make a boat that to be sail by future generations.

Smiling kids

Development is supposed to be able to expand opportunity and freedom for future generations to live in conditions far better than we have today.

horizon of dusk on the Kelapa island

Story and Photo: Syamsul Ardiansyah