13 Days before UNCSD


What is our expectation for Rio + 20?    There are wide range of expectations from  a revolutionary change of global economic regime, reaffirmed  the existing economic position status quo with additional green economy dimension,or just  enjoy   the exhibition and series  of discussions.  12 000 persons  are expectedly  will  attend the event.  Each participants has prepare its attendance  about one year prior RIO 20  to ensure their  concern as well  interest  would be  accommodated in the final outcome document.

ACT Alliance  secretariat also doing its best   for Rio+ 20 preparation; from submiting  to the UN (jointly with APRODEV) inputs  to the zero draft ,  submitting an ecumenical position paper,  facilitating members’ engagement on the negotiations on the zero draft on national / country group levels ,  always update  the result of  informal-informal negotiations in NY, distributing a template letter for members to send to their governments on the negotiations , prepared a webpage from which material and news can easily be found ((http://www.actalliance.org/what-we-do/issues/rio-20 ),  supported and collaborated with the Ecumenical Coalition to coordinate ecumenical and inter-faith action within the People’s summit and the Religions for Rights area,  supported the accreditation of ACT memers to the UNCSD,  and held skype meetings to analyse jointly the state-of-play in the negotiations.

With the material and tool kit  published by  ACT Alliance, Yakkum as the member  has also  implementing  survey on Indonesian CSO perception  on sustainable development. The findings than to be reported to  Indonesian government  delegation  as CSO input for  Indonesian President speech in the UNCSD.  We also agree to have  coordination with Indonesian delegation at  Rio.   Not only Yakkum, from  the website I also  learned that  major member of ACT also give  special attention  to Rio+20.

Learning from   long preparation  done by member of state, UN bodies, CSO and private , it seems  the world so exiting  with  Rio +20; every participants, including   ACT Alliance   want to contribute its best for SD.   The question is  whether all expectation  can be accommodated in the final outcome document of Rio +20?     From  my  keywords  analyses  of the latest draft of  outcome documents, I  found that the major terms  advocated by CSOs  has been accommodated, but in perspective of current  growth agenda.  There are no any paradigm change in the outcome document. So we may pessimistic to the  satisfied  outcome of  the conference. How ever from the faith based perspective  ACT should think positively, utilize the momentum of  Rio+20 for member awareness building and uniting all initiative into one vision of our  never ending  struggle for sustainable development.  It is also a good opportunity for act alliance to develop networking  to strengthen  he future  advocacy for sustainable development.

The effort of south America countries   especially  Brazil  to escape from global economic domination and decide its own identity and autonomy toward sustainable development attracting me to come earlier  to Rio.  The first day in Rio, been impressed by  public awareness  building  initiated by Fundacao Good Planet.   I was  not only impressed, but transformed by    120  photograph exposition  of  Yann Arthus- Bertrand.  Each big size photo ( 120X 240 cm)  tell  the beauty of the planet  and its danger of  destruction in the future.   The title of the  outhor preface is “I saw the earth change”    He said “ Our planet is far more beautiful than  I imagined…the beauty that I discovered through my photography was transformed me and I become  environmentalist …. I sow the earth  change over the 20 years I spent  photographing it, …..truly frightening “.     I really  transformed  by each picture, that also noted by   number and figure of   reality  of human kind under the planet. I impressed on his honest not only telling the degradation, but  also the improvement of our civilization.    A Terra vista do ceu exposition is located in a front of  Teatro Municipal, just nearby  Itajuba  hotel  where  the ACT delegation will stay.    This exposition hopefully  also transform  the participants to  develop a consensus   of the outcome document,  and more importantly  develop  action plan commitment toward sustainable development. (Sigit Wijayanta, June 9, 2012 )

Photo :The smallest monkey in the world  at Museu  da Republica Park  by  Setya Dharmaja