Is The Latest Draft of Outcome Doc of Rio+20 Accommodate The Church Message On The Future What We Want? : Key Word Analyses

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First question when i will come to Rio representing ACT Alliance is whether the voice of churches that is reflected on Ecumenical Framework Position, have been accommodated in the latest version of informal-informal negotiation of the zero draft?. The message is very clear : “More of the same is not enough that is why endless economic growth and consumption must stop, and participation of the powerless must “

Endless economic growth and consumption?

In the latest version of outcome doc draft there are 23 words of Growth . The sentence of “to promote and sustain economic growth “ dominated in the texts. It means that the growth paradigm will be sustained for the world future direction. To accommodate the deficits of the implementation of endless economic growth ; the drfst accommodate “pro-people” term ie. global resources use efficiency, inclusive and equitable, tangible sustainable development outcomes, income growth, transforming international trade and distribution.

Among 16 word of “consumption”- there are not any discussion about the value of “enough and just consumption”, the texts more focus on the balance with production. It means that consumerism still be maintain as the basis of growth, therefore the production need to be push more to fulfill the need of consumption.

To enhance the production the term of green economy is born. There are 26 worf of green economy talking about its contexts of SD, each member state in developing its own national SD plan, should enhance international cooperation, reduce the technological dependence, promote pro-poor productive activities and enhance enabling environments. market-based mechanisms can promote inclusive green economy, So its very clear the perspective of growth in green economy. Green economy is another business opportunity in the perspective of growth.

In conclusion, the latest draft of outcome document of Rio +20 are not address the first message of the church: “Endless economic growth and consumption must stop”

Participation of the powerless?

There are 14 key word of Civil Society, 20 Private Sector and 10 Enabling Environment. The world of civil society related to the claim on its full involvement in the outcome documents, full access of dialog and some issue of enabling environment. While private sector looks having greater attention from the responsible of government that should support and promote the role of private, involving on capacity development, enhancing assess, involvement in global support.

Both private sector and CSO need an enabling environment. There are more than 10 key world of enabling environment with focus on enabling environment in investment as essential for sustainable development, integrated, coordinated and coherent strategies at all levels, government as the leading actor, facilitate public and private sector investment in relevant and needed cleaner energy technologies, etc. .

The issue of enabling environment of political space is not there, some principle of development effectiveness and cso development effectiveness are also not there. Although there is some attention for indigenous people, people with high vulnerability ( women, girls and boys, children, disable etc) – there clear access to participate is not clearly be guaranteed.

So the second message of the church on participation of the powerless are neglected in the document.
Its looks that UNCSD is just want to reaffirm the domination of current economic power holder, by giving “loly pop sweets” to satisfy the pro-people and pro-environment activist. What is your opinion?

(Sigit Wijayanta, Yakkum, Indonesia, June 8, 2012)

Reference (can be download): APRODEV and ACT Alliance Submission to Zero Draft Rio+20