The 4th Knowledge Exchange Network held in Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta. Around 40 participants from various countries gathered in Disaster Oasis Training Center, to follow the Workshop on Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN). The training are facilitated by TAG and hosted by TAG-118 and Yakkum. This will be the fourth workshop with the current workshop theme is “Regional Disaster Preparedness”.

Most participants are coming from organizations who are actively involved in responding disaster and conduct disaster risk reduction and also development in their respective country.

The program was officially opened in Monday (June 20) evening, by a simple opening ceremony. In the opening conference, Mr. Amos Avgar from TAG gave a short presentation about the objective of the program and continued by Mr. Banu Subagyo from UNDP-DRR office Indonesia.


Dr. Amos

The workshop was started in Tuesday (June 21). The first session of the workshop program is to have brainstorming processes. Experiences of all participants were collected and put it together into a common understanding on some concepts.

Romi Kaplan

It can be seen from all presentation. For example, soon after Dr. Amos Avgar facilitating the participant to understand the context of the workshop, Ms. Romi Kaplan as the following facilitator after Dr. Amos was facilitating the brainstorming process on the definition and common understanding on the meaning of “network”.

In order to refresh the memory of participants on what disasters is, Dr. Sigit Wijayanta brought the Merapi Volcano Eruption which was happened last year into the forum.

Beside of delivering powerpoint presentation, Mr. Sigit was also showing a video presentation on what has been done by some communities which were facilitated by Yakkum in responding the Merapi Volcano Eruption. Participants were brought deeper by having to listen the presentation from two community members from Jrakah, Selo, Boyolali.

After presentation of Mr. Sigit, Ms Jan Weil from TAG continue facilitating the forum to understand the meaning of the word “resilience” based on participant’s origin language. For example, in Bahasa Indonesia, “resilience” means “kelentingan”, which mean the ability to self return to the previous condition after having pressure.

Mr. Wilas Techo from PDA, Thailand and Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne were continuing in sharing experiences. Mr. Techo was presenting the experience of PDA on the local economic development in Thailand and Dr. Vinya Ariyaratne presenting the experience of Sarvodaya in implementing the comprehensive development strategy to build the community resilience in Srilanka which has two basic different humanitarian crisis; man-made disaster caused by the ongoing civil war and the natural disaster (tsunami and other disaster, mostly related to climate change).

The last presentation delivered by Dr. Yoel Siegel about the concept and reality of community center. In his presentation, Dr. Yoel criticizes the word of “capacity building”. He said, that word were tended to has a paternalistic meaning because it always avoid and ignore the fact that communities has capacity.


Almost in every session there were discussions about some specific themes. The facilitators were bringing some questions that must be creatively and rapidly answered by all participants in their own way. In a relatively short time, every participant was challenged to put their ideas and understanding.

There’re some interesting point of view from the participants which can be dig deeper. Some of the interesting idea and point of view—at least for us—will be discussed in the next post in this blog.##

It will continue….. 🙂