G8 must not forget aid effectiveness, says group of over 1000 civil society organizations

BRUSSELS, 25th May, 2011 – After years of broken G8 promises, leaders of the world’s richest nations must commit this week to improving the effectiveness and impact of development aid by sending a strong political message to the Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness that takes place later this year, more than 1000 civil society organisations insist today.

“The G8 Summit brings together member governments, who are among the world’s leading donors; the time for moving forward on aid effectiveness is now;” the BetterAid platform of social movements said.

“The aid effectiveness forum, which will be held in Busan, South Korea, needs to initiate a new development cooperation framework and expand the discussion to address development effectiveness.” says BetterAid’s coordinating group.

G8 leaders are meeting on May 26-27 in the French resort of Deauville. In the run up to the summit, the G8 has been rocked by criticism that it deliberately hid shortfalls in meeting aid commitments made by world leaders in 2005 in Gleneagles by failing to take into account the impact of inflation on their figures. Yet official development assistance plays an integral and complementary role to the broader concerns of the G8 agenda: fighting poverty, mitigating climate change, promoting decent work, stopping corruption, and more.

BetterAid highlights four areas where the G8 should push aid effectiveness forward:

– ensuring democratic ownership and full transparency in development cooperation in line with previous commitments;
– committing to a human rights based approach to development and development cooperation with gender equality, decent work and environmental sustainability at the centre

– agreeing minimum standards to support the work of civil society organizations as development actors in their own right;
– initiating fundamental reforms of aid governance at the crucial high level forum on aid effectiveness which starts in November.


BetterAid unites nearly one thousand development organizations from civil society worldwide, and has been working on development cooperation and challenging the aid effectiveness agenda since January 2007. BetterAid is leading many of the civil society activities including in-country consultations, studies and monitoring, in the lead up to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4) in Busan in November/December 2011.

Press contact: Clare Birkett, BetterAid: +32 (0)487270536

Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness is a global, fully participatory process driven by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to build consensus on commonly accepted principles of CSO development effectiveness, implementation guidelines, and standards for an enabling environment. On the road to the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness (HLF4), the Open Forum will be finalizing its International Framework at the second and final Global Assembly of the Open Forum in June 2011.

Press contact: Olga Kozhaeva, Open Forum: +32 (0)477 68 61 53