The Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness came out from the years of CSO engagement in the global aid effectiveness process, mainly from the Accra Agenda for Action which invited CSOs to lead a process towards reflecting on their own effectiveness. CSOs worldwide took the challenge and held at least 50 funded country consultations, as well as regional and thematic ones. 

Of these, 16 country consultations, two regional, and various thematic consultations were done in Asia, contributing to the draft global framework for CSO development effectiveness consisting of the Istanbul Principles, implementing guidelines and mechanisms. Implementation of these principles, however, relies on an enabling environment and on genuine efforts towards striking at the root causes of poverty, marginalization and exclusion –all of which will be demanded of donors and governments during the 4th High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in November 2011.

In preparation for this and in line with the aim of sustaining and intensifying advocacy towards the HLF-IV, Asian CSOs will hold a regional workshop where CSOs can synthesize and analyze the draft global framework and CSO asks towards HLF-IV and present their demands to donors and governments in a multi-stakeholder dialogue.

It will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia – to open the workshop to CSOs, governments, and donors attending the ASEAN Summit and its side events.

The workshop aims to: (1) To heighten awareness on the CSO development effectiveness agenda by involving more and new CSOs to the process; (2) To deepen the discussion on the draft global framework for CSO development effectiveness and contribute to its finalization; (3) To advance the discussion from CSO development effectiveness to the more comprehensive issue of aid and development effectiveness and related CSO asks for the HLF-IV; (4) To present calls and recommendations to and gather feedback from Summit participants (donors and governments) in a multi-stakeholder dialogue; and (5) To come up with detailed plans and mechanisms for coordinated national and regional advocacy towards the HLF-IV.

CSOs, governments, and donors interested to participate may contact the APRN Secretariat at   with copy to for more information.