Call from Dakar for an Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille in March 2012

In July 2010, the United Nations recognized that having access to water was a fundamental human right. Social activists, citizens, native peoples, and elected officials around the world have fought for years to make this historic decision made into reality.
In November 2010, Marseille sent a message to the world. This represented the first step of the Alternative World Water Forum (or FAME, Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’Eau). This alternative forum is being put together by the people and various social movements.

Today, organisations from all continents who are at the Dakar Social Forum are supporting us in our beliefs:

  • The recognition of water as a source of life which belongs to all of humanity represents a new beginnning. The right to water and water treatment services must become effective.
  • The self-proclaimed World Water Council and their World Water Forum are not legitimate. They are politically illegitimate (they do not represent the world’s people) and they are technically illegitimate (they have failed to accomplish their declared objectives). For them, water is a commodity, a source of profit.
  • We represent associations, committees, social movements, local authorities, providers of alternative solutions. We are legitimate because we propose ways to make the right to water take effect, in all countries and regions.
  • The Alternative World Water Forum is a platform for expression and a gathering place for different water activists to share experiences and accomplishments regarding the right to water and water treatment services. This right would be guaranteed under public, participatory, democrative, transparent, social and ecological management. From this standpoint, we can define future actions for better water policy.
  • The Alternative World Water Forum works towards building its network of people and elected officials and to help them put water on the political agenda, at all levels.

We call upon all associations, women’s organisations, NGOs, unions, elected officials, local authorities, and citizens of the world, to come to the Alternative World Water Forum to have the people’s voices heard in Marseille in March 2012.

This message is signed by all organisations present on 10 February 2011 at the Dakar Social Forum.